Sunday, 19 October 2014

Beauty // Halloween Makeup: Sea Siren

Transform yourself into a Sea Siren this Halloween!

Halloween doesn't have to be all scare and gore, be creative with your costumes and just have fun!

I'll show you how to create this pretty mermaid inspired look; just follow the steps below.

You will need:


Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Glow
Face Paint Palette
Small Plastics Gems


Natural Collection Solo Eyeshadow in Spring Green / Secret Lagoon


Start off by doing your usual skin routine. For your eyebrows, use the blue eye liner as you would a normal brow pencil. Hooray for mermaid brows!

Next, take your white eye liner and pencil it on your eye's lower waterline. This will naturally open up and brighten your eyes.

Take the light green eye shadow and cover your eyelids, blending out towards your brow bone.

With the darker green eye shadow, repeat the last step. Although this time cover only your eyelids, not blending the colour out as far as the light green.

This step is a little tricky so take your time with this part! Dip an eye shadow applicator in Vaseline or lip balm and brush on an clear line in the same place you would usually put your eye liner. Then dip the applicator in pink glitter and dab it along the clear line. Tip: Dabbing the glitter works much better than wiping!

Take your blue eye liner again and thickly line the underneath of your eyes, dragging it out slightly into a low cat eye.

Repeat the method of applying glitter and use the blue cat eye as a guide to do a pink glitter cat eye just above it.

Apply mascara to your lower lashes.

Take some pink face paint onto a brush and paint it carefully onto your lower lashes over the mascara.

Apply the false eyelashes as close to your lash line as possible so that the pink glitter is still visible above it.

Apply blush from the tops to the apples of your cheeks.

Take the netting, holding it still in position with one hand against the side of your head. (I used the fruit netting that you find as packaging for oranges and grapefruit).Take some purple face paint on a sponge and use the other hand to dab it over the netting.

If you've done it right it will look something like this. Say hello to your mermaid scales!

Rinse your sponge and dab half of it in pink face paint and half of it in blue. Hold the sponge blue side up and repeat the last step from the bottom of the purple scales you just created. This will create an ombre scale effect.

Do the same on your forehead, creating a downward triangle toward your nose.

Next take some small plastic gems and place three in a line underneath your eyes. Use tweezers to make this step easier! Some gems come with a sticky adhesive already on the back of them, however if they don't, eyelash glue will do the same job.

Apply the pink matte balm.

Use vaseline and glitter again to dab a little bit of sparkle over the face paint.

Paint small starfish on the side of your face using white face paint.

Stick a gem in the centre of each star to complete your sea siren look. Tip: If you keep your hair in a plait whilst you do your makeup, when you take it out at the end you will have smooth mermaid hair waves!

The finished look!

If you try out this look be sure to tweet me your pics @Kyomirichards <3

What other Halloween looks would you like to see me create? Leave a suggestion below!

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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Beauty // Halloween Makeup: Cheeky Devil

Transform yourself into a Cheeky Devil this Halloween! 

Halloween is definitely up there with my favourite times of the year. I love buying decorations and turning my place into a haunted house, staying up late and watching scary movies on TV, and having an excuse to eat loads of sweets!

 I also love buying costumes and creating spooky looks with makeup. This year, I thought I would share some affordable Halloween makeup looks that are fun and easy to create. No fancy tools necessary, you just need some spare time and a makeup bag!

Re-create this fiery red makeup look with me using the steps below. 

You will need:





Firstly start off by doing your usual skin and eyebrow routine. Here I am wearing Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation in Toasted Beige paired with Rimmel London Stay Matte Pressed Powder in Warm Beige. I used Rimmel London Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel for my brows.

Take your soft kohl white eyeliner and fill in your eye's lower waterline. Remember to be gentle with this step! This will brighten the natural white of your eyes and stop the dark makeup we will be applying later from looking too heavy.

Take your lip liner in Red Diva (Yes, lip liner!) and pencil red all over your eyelid and also underneath the eyes. This doesn't have to be too neat. Using lip liner will mean that your colour won't fade and will stay pigmented through the night.

Blend blend blend! Using your finger, make small and light circular motions over your eyelid, blending out the colour evenly. Also lightly sweep your finger under your eyes from the inner corners to the outer to blend the underneath.

From the W7 palette, apply the black eyeshadow (the furthest shade on the right) using an applicator. Again, this step doesn't have to be too neat. Start from the outer corner of your eyelid and sweep the eyeshadow across your eye's natural crease about two thirds of the way along your eye.

Blend blend blend! The same as before, blend the eyeshadow using the shape you just created as a guide. If you mess up this step you can remove some of the black with a cotton bud and then do some more light blending so there are no harsh lines.

For this step, don't add any more eye shadow to your applicator. Just use what excess colour is left on it from blending to add a little black underneath the eye.

Take a shimmery brown shade from the palette and blend a little over the edges of the black on your lid to soften the eye makeup. Use this opportunity to tailor the eye makeup to how you like it, Add any more red, black or brown as you see fit.

Take your liquid eyeliner and create a cat eye. This can take some practise to perfect so don't be disheartened if you find this step tricky. My tip for perfecting the angle of your flick is to aim your line from the outer corner of your eye to the end point of your eyebrow. This angle naturally gives your eyes a lift!

Take your lashes and cut them to the correct width for your eye. This is a very important step of applying lashes that people tend to forget about, if the lashes aren't the correct size for your eye they are more likely to start peeling and fall off! Hold up one against your eyelid to measure, pinching the lashes where your eye width ends and trim the excess. Use the first as a guide to cut the second to the same size. 

Apply glue, wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky and use tweezers to press the lashes as close as you can to your natural lash line. Apply lower lash mascara and a small amount of upper lash mascara to the base of your lash line to blend your real lashes in with the falsies.

Apply bronzer using your blush brush. My method of doing this step is to start from the side of your face next to the tops of your ears, smile to show the natural curve of your cheeks, and make soft circular motions towards the apples of your cheeks. Go back and forth using this technique to perfect the blending, starting light and building up to your preferred colour.

Take your lip liner for the second time, and line around the natural shape of your lips. This will keep your lipstick looking on point for the whole night and stop smudging and fading.

Fill in the lip shape you just lined for yourself with the deep red lipstick.

Apply the lip lacquer on top of the lipstick to create a gloss that we can stick glitter to.

Using your finger, evenly apply a layer of red glitter, adding the final touches to your cheeky devil makeup.

The finished look!

If you try out this look be sure to tweet me your pics @Kyomirichards <3

What other Halloween looks would you like to see me create? Leave a suggestion below!

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

Fashion // Wearing My Birthday Suit

This month I celebrated my 21st birthday, and it went off with a bang! I decided to use this milestone to start up a new and improved blog, documenting my love for all things beauty and fashion. I wasn't happy with where my blog was going before so I thought I'd start fresh. I have some great ideas coming up that I hope you'll love.

So let's kick off with a birthday fashion post!

This is what a wore on the big day:

I found this gorgeous floral playsuit and paired it with all gold accessories and a plain black clutch. Together I felt as though the outfit looked both elegant and a little glamourous without it being too much.  Click the links on the detail below to shop this look!

Playsuit // Missguided

Necklace // H&M

Heels // New Look

Clutch // Stradivarius
Rings // H&M

Lipstick // Rimmel London
Lip Lacquer // Rimmel London

A birthday should be a day full of fun without any cares in the world, and the playsuit and heels were both so super comfortable that they kept me dancing all night long; 10/10 for this birthday outfit! Here are some snaps that were taken before we went out:

Me and some friends went to the Steam and Rye to celebrate, a new American themed cocktail bar in London where the drinks come in popcorn boxes, glow in the dark lanterns, and with ice lollies in them! It was such a unique experience I would definitely recommend giving this place a visit if you are over 18. And on Wednesdays it's ladies night, meaning 50% off all food and drinks! Hooray!

Here are some pictures from the night:

And then this happened...

Happy birthday to all the other Libras celebrating their birthdays this month!

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